Ambrosia grew up so fast and I faded away with time.
I protected her from all problems and tensions and she was always happy and joyful when I was around.
It was the time when happiness was eating chocolate, when a teddy bear would be the perfect birthday gift, when friends were very special, when pride and ego had no value and fear was unknown.
I knew the harsh world out there was waiting to get her into its clutches so I tried to teach her , tried to protect her and tried to prepare her .
She thought growing up meant no school and being able to drive . When would she realize that the sweet dreams we had seen at night everyday were never going to  turn into reality ?
The world out there isn’t a bed of roses as she had thought .
But I was going away from her slowly , it was time for her to be on her own .
 I was fading away ,  Ambrosia was growing up .
She left me alone and stepped into the world I had always protected her from .
She moved on but I didn’t.
I had become her memory , all the good and bad times that we had spent together were   now just a part of her past . Time had torn us apart .
Maybe it was my duty to be her first friend and her childhood .

-Kashish Kalra(12-F)