It was a bright, sunny morning of 15th October, 1985 in San Diego, United States of America. As Dr. Richard Wilson woke up and got ready for work, he noticed something very unusual. His clock was ringing very loudly when its needle struck ten and shockingly the telephone rang in the same tune as that of the clock. His telephone ring was set in a minor tone and the clock the major tune. But today, both were ringing in major tune. He went ahead and picked up his telephone. On the line, spoke a person in a very depressed voice. He said, “Wait for the hour of the clock, I hope you enjoy your time.” Dr. Richard, all confused and worried asked, “What? Which clock? What time?”, but unfortunately the line got cut. Dr. Richard was a senior Professor in Science who had discovered more than hundreds of chemical compounds and their properties. When Dr Richard left for work he decided to get his clock and his telephone fixed. When he went to the clock shop for repair the person said, “Sir, you might be mistaken. This clock is absolutely perfect.” Even the person to whom the telephone was shown said the same thing. When he reached home, it was late evening and very dark. Through the dim labyrinth he could clearly see a person standing. After that no one ever saw him again. At ten that night, the telephone and the clock rang in their usual tones.

-Krish Gupta(6J)