Alice was a sweet girl.  She loved to help people even if she was in trouble, yet she had no friends at school.  She was not liked by everyone, they all thought that Alice was a fool. “Why doesn’t anyone like me mom? Most of my teachers tell me that I’m a sweet kid”, said Alice. Mother replied, It’s ok Alice. Some of your friends may hate you, but you must notice the people who love you, I’m sure that there will be lot of kids in the school who love you”.Alice thought her mother was wrong.  She felt she could not get any friends, so she simply said “yes mom you are right” and she went to school.  On her way to school she got late and told herself “ I am late, guess I need to run again” while she was running she saw an old woman who could not see, walking on the road.  She was wearing dirty clothes, Alice stopped looked at the woman and went to help the lady, cross the street, saying “ here you go have a nice day” when she was about to leave the old lady held her hand and said “ My sweet girl you were such a kind soul, you are going to be the protector of the universe”. Alice said I am sorry but I am late for school so …….. Lady interrupted her saying, “No Listen”. As she said so she turned into a handsome man, tall and robust with a black suit.  I am the protector of the universe.  My time is almost up now and I was searching for the kindest person in the whole world.  I have found you and you will be the protector of the Universe.  The whole universe is under your protection, if you don’t take this opportunity you will leave an ordinary life with others.  The responsibility is on your shoulders now. Alice could not believe anything that was happening, but she had the feeling that the man was saying the truth. “ Yes I will do it”, not believing what she just said!  The man said “ Ok that will do “ and suddenly took her hand and reached an unknown place. “ Where are we?” Alice asked.  He shouted, “I Oswald transfer my ability to protect the universe to this kind hearted girl Alice. Do you accept my offer?”  “yes I do” said Alice in a trance”.  Then she suddenly received a magic staff in her hand.  The man now said, “This is the staff of the almighty It shall guide you through”. The staff suddenly disappeared again. She was back in her class at school, when her teacher called out her name and asked, “Alice are you ok”? Please concentrate on what I am teaching, it is important.  Alice said that she was sorry.  During break the prettiest girl approached her in school.  She was very popular and everyone wanted to be her friend.  She was Annie.  Annie asked Alice, “Are you alright……” and with a smile she continued “The new protector of the universe …..”.  Yes I think so.  That’s what Mr. Oswald told.   Now Annie said that Alice had a big responsibility and that she is supposed to guide her.  Alice realized that Oswald had told the truth.  Annie continued “sounds pretty crazy! But I am two billion years old.  So I am your new friend and I guess like for ever.  I am your staff if you ever need me to transform just say this aloud ‘The staff of almighty come to me’ ”. Alice was excited on having a new friend and to be the protector of Universe she felt very important.  She suddenly thought if she is not careful the universe will be in trouble.  She told herself “ I will be careful as I need to protect everyone and I now also have a friend”.  Annie said “shall we go?”.  “I really have a lot to learn from you replied” Alice. They continued walking together.  Alice was not fully aware that this new friendship was a start of lot of adventure between the guardian , Alice and her staff Annie.

-ALINA (7-C)

                                               *(CHILD DEPARTMENT)*