Four Walls – Blesson Stephen 12O

These four walls, you have grown to detest,
The rising of the sun so hard to detect.
T’was never thus, too much to bear,
A rumination which drowns you whole.

Vision too dazzled to see the light,
Body too broken to sense the warmth.
Surrounded by all this ado,
Too deaf to hear the mellifluous tone.

Rise up, for beyond this trial awaits a prize,
To those who persevere it presents itself.
Sweat, toil and blood in prodigious amounts
Are requisite to overwhelm this wave.

Stretch yourself beyond this facade,
Let your enterprise not be confined.
See through this veil, and sense it whole,
For the answer does not lie far off.

The patches of green dearly missed,
The odor of mud forgotten.
Those wounds from falls,
Seem all so jolly,
The Chirruping of birds,
All a memory.

Be a victor, in yourself
Push aside with all your might
Those barricades which seem too tight,
And walk triumphantly with a stride,
Run far and wide.

Shouts of trumpets, loud and clear,
Can be heard within here,
Join those hands, strength above any fantasy,
All rocks hurled, surely shattered.

These four walls are no excuse.