Lockdown Discoveries – Shraddha Anish 6I

A warm welcome to everyone out there! Have you ever thought of the benefits you get during the lockdown? Instead of feeling bored at home I have realized that this is a great chance to rediscover yourself. During the lockdown humans have learned to manage certain thingsindoors and we have lots of time to spend with our family.

Another great decision taken by humans is the lockdown. Don’t think that this lockdown is such a superfluous decision. The government has taken the lockdown for the safety of all of us. I don’t think you would like to get Corona Virus, right? So, it is better to stay home. The main question is, what do you mean by ‘rediscovering yourself?’ By this I mean that you get to know yourself more, a chance to really know who you are. You might see that you are an expert chef, a great artist, a graceful dancer or even an excellent writer. During the lockdown we mostly spend our time with our family, in other words ‘family-time’. This is a great chance to enjoy
with our family. This is the best way to spend time.

To add contrast, humans have been able to continue education through new technology. This is called E-learning or online learning. I hope you have learned something new by reading this article. Thank you!