Paakhi Bhatnagar and Manav Jha

Vice Presidents

Kashish Karla and Rohan Narula


Azia Azmi and Anupras Mohapatra


Paakhi Bhatnagar

12 G

President Editorial Board

Writing, reading, and creative exploration helps us decipher the expanding enigma of our minds. We, as students, are constantly growing and trying to find ourselves in a labyrinth of identities. It is through discerning our thoughts into creative expressions that we can find a way out of this labyrinth. Enigma provides students with an outlet through which they can express themselves and an opportunity to see the world through a different perspective.

Kashish Kalra

12 F

Vice-President Editorial Board

“Without inspiration, writing can never achieve its purest form”. Being inspired to write is such an overwhelming feeling that automatically translates into beautiful words. I have an ardent passion for writing which has taught me lessons of patience, understanding and self -exploration in zillion different ways. I am truly humbled to be a part of Enigma through which I can nurture the talents of so many buddings individuals and guide them in their literary adventure.

Azia Azmi

11 B

Secretary Editorial Board – Girls

I strongly believe in the power of words. Reading and writing are both necessary elements in a person’s life and I find it hard to imagine life without either. Enigma offers students a wonderful platform to use words to convey messages and express opinions online which is why I enjoy working for Enigma and can only see this Webzine prosper.

Anupras Mohapatra

11 H

Secretary Editorial Board – Boys

Writing is truly special. This is because through words one can evoke any emotions in someone. That’s why I love writing poetry or anything in general and this is why I’m proud and honoured to be a part of the editorial board. Being in charge of a school publication that provides the perfect platform for one to express themselves is something I shall truly cherish for years to come.


Editorial Board Subcommittee:

  • Riyaa Chopra
  • Nour Ahmed
  • Varsha Jayaram
  • Sakshi C. Sadgune
  • Rahat Masoudi
  • Gabriella Ponnu Sanjay
  • Gayatri Baiju
  • Jeevan
  • Hannah Susan
  • Mariya Mohammed
  • Anagha Nair
  • Hanan
  • Asmita
  • Radhika Menon
  • Nashita
  • Akshaya
  • Rhea Bhatnagar
  • Saraswati
  • Krish gupta
  • Adithyan ajay
  • Rohan malige
  • Subhadeep sengupta
  • Zainali suchedina
  • Ali Ahmad
  • Keshav nair
  • Rohit Srinivasan
  • Hridhoy
  • Vishal
  • Harshit