“Never let the roar of mass thought drown out the gentle whispers of your own conscience”.

The Editorial Board of DPS Sharjah brings about this novel venture to provide a platform for the legitimate expression of the musings of your inner conscience. Through this, we wish to inculcate in our little bards a balance of creativity with a sense of responsible writing. We do hope that this proves to be a fruitful, fun and learning experience. Bonne Lecture!


  • Gowtham Pradeep
  • Saira Banu
  • Satvik Agrawal
  • Tania Vas
  • Akshit Chaturvedi
  • Pratiksha Pradhan
  • Rohan Kapur
  • Rohan Narula
  • Divya Sankar
  • Shreya Trisal
  • Prakhar Nagpal
  • Vyshenevi Satish
  • Paakhi Bhatnagar
  • Jeevan Saji
  • Rachael Jijo