A new beginning can mean different things to different people. It can be a newborn baby, who is just introduced to this new world, the first day at school, first day at job, a newly married couple etc. The one thing they all have in common is the meaning. The promise of a new start.

Every single day we get is a new adventure. We don’t know what is on the next chapter of our life. It’s a mystery. Often we ponder about our past, our future but do we think about our present? We are human beings who make mistakes. If we make a single mistake that affects our future, we feel we are doomed for life. We then start living for that one opportunity that will help us to correct it. Sometimes it takes few years and most of the time we just don’t get it. However, what we forget is that the opportunity we are waiting for is right in front of us. Every day we get is a new opportunity to correct our mistake, to learn to accept it. We don’t need to live for the future or even for the past. All we have to do is live for now, the present. Dreaming, Aspiring helps us to live in the present. Then what comes next isn’t a suspense anymore. It all becomes crystal clear – Work Hard and never give up. Sometimes, we fail and the consequence of it is despair, giving up, quitting. But it is not about the success. As it is said, “The journey is more beautiful than the destination”. It gives us something to think about. The story we have lived, how much efforts we put in, and most importantly why we chose this path.


Our story doesn’t have to end there. When there is darkness, it doesn’t mean the end. Not while we haven’t achieved our dream. Learning to accept failure, is what causes the success to follow. Thus, making each and everything count is what makes every day, a new day, a new beginning.


By Nabihah Babar