Antarctica lost about 82,000,000,000 tons of ice from 2003-2008 (i.e. 82 billion tons). Carteret Islands to sink in a few years. Maldives and Solomon’s Islands to sink in 2050.

This news is shocking but true. And who is to be blamed? It is us!! The situation is so bad that the coastal areas are also in danger of sinking. The elevation of Carteret Islands is 1.6m!!! This is because of Global Warming. It is the warming of the Earth by dangerous gases like carbon-dioxide, destruction of the ozone layer which will cause the ultra-violet rays of the sun to melt the ice, bringing sea levels to a rise, which leads to extinction of polar bears as there will be no space for them to live. These side effects of comforts like A/C, electricity, nuclear energy, etc. which emit loads of dangerous gases will kill the earth. The situation is already out of control. To further control it, we can use the following methods:

  • Use fans instead of A/C.
  • Avoid charcoal barbeque.
  • Do car pooling and use public
  • Walk or cycle for short distances.

There are many other methods which we can follow.

‘Correction today, a better tomorrow’. So don’t ruin your future and stop global warming.


-Lowell Paul Monis, 8M

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