My Mother, A Superhero


My Mother is my Superhero,

Without her I’ll be a Zero,

Without her I’m nothing to be,

She is a fort which surrounds me.


She has no super power,

But she guards me like a tower,

She gives up all her rest,

That’s why she is the best.


A superhero is not the one,

Who has mighty powers,

Neither is it someone,

Who jumps and climbs towers.


A superhero is someone,

Who builds talents of hope,

My mother is the one,

Who makes it easy for hardships to cope.


My mother is the one,

Who goes through any pain,

She can never let her child’s,

Dreams go in vain.


She carried me in her womb,

For 9 whole months,

She is a blessing after all,

I can say it at once.


To end, I can just say,

One simple thought,

Superman and Batman when compared to her,

Are nothing but nought.


-Lowell Paul Monis, 8M