“Socially isolated “An oxymoron, but a reality.

Social media definitely leads to isolation. More sooner than later all of us get addicted to social media without even realizing it. Many of us will have an account on face book and twitter, we might make many virtual friends. But mark my words, these virtual friends are definitely not real ,if ever you do chance to meet them you won’t even know who they are.  As you waste time in chatting with your on-line friends, you will soon be left out from all real life events and activities, and when you do attend them, You soon get focused on clicking the perfect selfie rather than enjoying yourself with them. Believe me, once you get isolated because of your addiction to social media, you will find it hard to make real friends. As it is very rightly said “to much of anything is harmful.” In the same way social media in the right limit is fun but excess of this can make you completely isolated. Though social media is fun it has many disadvantages such as Cyber bullying and Crimes against Children and Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft, and most importantly it is a huge waste of time. So why do we want to lose our friends and relatives and become isolated for something that has so many disadvantages. I would just like to say that “Social media is temporary, but family and friends will be forever. DO NOT GET ISOLATED, STAY SOCIAL.”