Will to change, say YES to LIFE

Coughing in the dark and eyes tearing,

Lungs felt heavy and mind smothering,

Vision grew blurred as he counted the days,

Laid in the bed helpless and distressed.


He was a highly promising boy in his youth,

Had all the assurances to make his life good,

He had a lovely life ahead of him,

With caring parents and loving friends around him.


Life has its own twists and turns,

When he fell prey to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

This nibbled his life like a bug,

And left him to bear its burn.


His body started giving bitter response,

His parents cried and he looked at them glum,

He promised never to touch tobacco, alcohol and drugs again,

But it was too late for the faded flower to bloom.


It’s time for us to think twice,

Before we see another life takes up this vice.

Together we can and together we will,

Bring the consumption of tobacco and alcohol downhill.


Adrija Mukherjee
Grade IX G

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