Winner of Taaleem Award -Vyshnevi Satheesh

The Artist’s Baby

He ran his stubby fingers through the rubber shreds,

making loops or throwing tiny fistfuls at the cat.

She continued to furiously erase an imperfect ocean wave

as he played on and on with the ruins of his mother’s art.


‘tomorrow’ she thought

she’d teach him how to draw his own oceans

erase his own imperfect waves


‘tomorrow,’ she thought

she’d fix the oceans and sell this canvas

she’d buy his textbooks and start anew


Between the blue on her stained fingers

and the hollow uncertainty of tomorrow

she hovers unmoved, unabashed by

a son she acquired through parchments and blue ink


‘tomorrow’ she thought

she’d prove: to love what isn’t hers

is as real as to love what is


‘tomorrow’ she knew

he may find the truth, but unabashed and unmoved

he’d play with the ruins of his mother’s art