MOTHER O’ MOTHER – Nandini Ravi

Mother O’ Mother

There is no one as dear,

Your soft tresses and

unselfish caresses,

Your Broad Smiles and

Gleaming Eyes,

Makes me wonder if there is

Any creation of god as beautiful as you,


Your Tough Exterior and soft Interior

Feels like a wonderful collage,

Every Picture of which has

Its own color.

You have a Funny Bone,

Which gives our lives a humor tone.


Your Message to us is very clear

“Help Ever, Hurt Never”

A Soul So Noble; so caring

So full of life and so endearing,


Whether I am besides you or

even far away,

You Are a part of my thought

Every night and day.


I wish one day I could be like you

So simple, so loving,

And so god fearing.

May heavens bless you with

All the very best

For you deserve nothing less


The Epitome of Selflessness and Tranquility

You are my mother

O’ mother,

There can be no other,

No other

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