RAYS OF HOPE – Hannah Marie James

My heart weeps for you

As death comes knocking on the door

My heart bleeds for you

As I wish you a speedy recovery


I look up to the Almighty

Come and take my helpless hand

Show me how to make things right

As I gaze into your rheumy eyes


While my compatriots chock your lungs

Mercilessly setting your assets on fire

Your wails in half pain of death

I seek your pardon and mercy


Plastics are clogging your oceans

Filling with toxins and contaminators

Lifeless and motionless waters

I seek your pardon and mercy


Years of exploitation and desperation

A monster born of the dead behind me

Hurricanes, wild fires, flash floods, glacier calving

At last you decided for the final battle


A graveyard of life and beauty

Perpetrators running haywire for cover

Nothing more to exploit and destroy

Smoke filled skies and plastic oceans


We watched it idly with casual speeches

No action in place of reaction

Time waits for no one

Yet again I seek your pardon and mercy




Of all that God has shown me

I can just speak the smallest word, HOPE

Tomorrow will be beautiful

For tomorrow comes out of Me and You.

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