Wasted Away – Archisha Mukherjee

When the last drop of water has finally trickled away

And the last green leaf has withered

What do you think you’re going to say

To the masses that wait, bewildered?


When a breath of fresh air becomes a luxury for the rich

And the sky is overcast, not a single cloud in sight

Do you think your lies, that you weave and stitch

Will appease those at the height of their plight?


When all the beasts and bushes have perished

And all that’s left is the dry grey sand

All the children, their dreams, their memories they cherished

Will mingle with the dirt, and it’ll be by your hand


When the blood of those you’ve trodden upon

Mingles with the nectar you fancy you drink

And their bones cease rattling at the break of dawn

You’ll know that you stand at madness’ brink


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