This unprecedented scenario of the pandemic has left the entire globe to a standstill. Large economies to the smallest are grappling with getting this pandemic under control. While the government does its job, we as human beings should also do our bit to confront it bravely. It is us upto us to succumb to it or come out as true winners.People all around the world are in pain and sorrow and are going through many difficulties. But instead we should learn the best lessons we can from the hard ships of life. We should understand the importance of staying strong in such adversities.

As we know that all of us are stuck in our homes due to the long period of quarantine and lockdown,many of us feel as though we are locked up in a cageand are restricted from our normal lives. But instead we can turn this cage into a golden cage of opportunities where talents can be unleashed.People being quarantined, have more time to spend than ever before. Many have started pursuing their hobbies andtend to do something new which can keep themselves away from boredom. Some people like to paint, others are engaged in photography while some simply love baking. Every time we do something we like; we get better at it. And that’s how talentsare unleashed. On one hand, hobbies do give us happiness and relief , but to actually get relief from our digital lives, a large number of individuals have started meditating and practicing yoga. People have embraced yoga and meditation in their wellness goals and have taken up fitness as one of their major priorities. Adding on to their fitness goals, many families are compelled to make healthy homemade food due to the closure of restaurants and dining joints. Not only that but many groceries and shopping malls have also closed down, due to this many people are bound to save and use limited resources available to them. With the fear of getting affected people are compelled to take precautions thus improving their hygiene.This Pandemic has also urged many people to connect digitally with their families living back home,thus checking on each other’s wellbeing. In these uncertain times many of them are using this time to enhance their skill sets.

The pandemic has brought out the real leaders, the ones who can lead their people and sail through these difficult times. The leaders of the U.A.E had provided one million food packets to the people who were helpless and starving during Ramadan and later. Hospitals were geared up by providing the necessary equipment. Frontline people who were working relentlessly were rewarded through bonuses. Also the affected patients were given free insurance by the government to provide financial help in these uncertain situations. Thus, the current epidemic has managed to bring out the best from human beings.

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