Poem Winner: Learning to Live for ourselves again – Archisha Mukherjee 10E

Today I sit, on my desk, right beside the window pane
That overlooks the empty street outside 
With a glint of glee, I watch the ink from my pen tip flow
All across the coarse-white paper, forming rivulets, narrow and wide
The aroma of fresh bread wafts in through the kitchen door
Where my mother stands, wiping a bead of sweat from her brow
The countertop is a stark mess, and some flour has spilled on the floor
She watches with satisfaction, as the oven finally hisses open with a gentle sough
We are all discovering, during these months of forced reprieve 
From the bustling monotony of life before the quarantine hit
Talents, then hidden under rigid routines, crumbling under the weight of things we must achieve
We are now, getting a shot again, at mending our cracked, collective soul
We are discovering all the things we didn’t know could lighten our hearts
When we moved and worked and thought like aimless machines
These few months have given us a chance to beguile
And rediscover ourselves during this quarantine