Our Lives during Quarantine – Krish Mathrani 12J

The world is changing now and gradually evolving back to its normal self, countries are re-opening, lockdowns are being lifted, and people are slowly trying to descend back into their old lives.

This year, without a doubt, has been one of the toughest years of all our lives. Nobody could have possibly expected the arrival of such a pandemic which would possibly change our lives. Many people have been sacked from their jobs as companies all around the world cut costs. At the same time, living in quarantine has offered us a rare opportunity to reflect on and possibly restart our lives.

For most of us, the best feeling was probably when we accomplished a major task and did something, we never thought was possible. Living in quarantine has allowed us to explore the best of ourselves and form new habits and change the ways we have handled everything. We are given forced downtime, we have the time to sit and think, to relax, to meditate. Solving a problem requires one to sit and think about what the problem is. Now that we are free of the worldly tensions, we can finally change what we dislike about us. We can finally do what we never found time to do.

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