Recipe of Garlic Bread – By Rachit Kotecha 6R

Did you ever wonder what makes garlic bread so delicious? This recipe gives you all the secrets to achieve perfection.

1 French Loaf
 1.5 cups of Grated Mozzarella Cheese
 1 tbsp olive oil
Garlic Spread
 6 tbsp olive oil or softened butter
 2-4 crushed flakes of garlic
 0.5 tsp oregano

  1. Cut the loaf into 0.5” thick slices.
  2. Mix the Garlic and Softened butter and melt
    the it
  3. Put the garlic spread on all the pieces of the
  4. To serve, Take a saucepan and put the loafs
    on the pan and wait untill the bread turns
  5. Sprinkle some cheese on each piece of

Now we are going to make Salsa that goes with the Garlic Bread

 Lemon Juice
 Capsicum
 Onion
 Tomato
 Red Chilli Powder
 Oregano
 Salt

  1. In a bowl, add the Tomatoes.
  2. Add the Onions
  3. Then Add the Capsicum
  4. Then mix
  5. Then add the Oregano, Salt and Red Chilli
  6. Mix again
  7. Add some Lemon Juice and Coriander
  8. Finally mix well

You can also add chips/nachos as the side dish

This is a video on how to make Garlic Bread and the
Salsa by Me

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