CYBER SAFETY – Mukunth Parthasarathy 10N

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” -Christian Lous Lange.

Technology is the driving force keeping us humans alive and evolving at the same time. The period of lockdown and isolation during the global pandemic has allowed us to turn towards the net for maintaining social connections and serving a purpose as a vital source of support for adults as well as children.

Our use of online platforms is necessary for various tasks however we must be aware that it can also be menacing. The meaning of cyber safety in a layman’s words is having boundaries or adequate safety whenever you enter an online platform. It helps people by minimizing the effects of malicious activities and risks which may jeopardize their information and eventually their well-being.

Cybercriminals are always lurking around at the chance of earning something valuable, so we must remain safe and report on any criminal activity. Few tips to remain safe are to buy an anti-virus to protect against malware. Avoid visiting websites that are not protected and do not over-share personal information on the internet. We must circumvent advertisements or accept any type of flow of information. These tips may be simple, but they will keep us secure on an online platform.

 – Mukunth Parthasarathy, 10-N, DPS Sharjah

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