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Percy Jackson was having a normal day at school when he suddenly vaporized his Algebra teacher. Now he must fend off monsters, generally trying to save his life. And ‘to spice it up’, the god of the sky, Lord Zeus’s weapon has disappeared! And Zeus is as angry as ever. And making Zeus angry is a bad, bad idea…

This book is a thrilling start to the series, Percy Jackson. I like this book because of it’s fantastic blend of Mythology, modernism, and humor. I thought that this book was boring, compared to my other books. But I was utterly wrong. I read the first few chapters without enthusiasm. But as the magic and the number of myths started increasing, I steadily grew interested, until I couldn’t put the book down. Whenever I got spare time, I lifted it and started reading. My favorite character is Annabeth Chase. She is a brainy girl and a quick-plan maker. Annabeth felt real to me. In fact, all the qualities she has, I have too.

The story kept me guessing all the time about what was coming next. My favorite part is when Annabeth, Percy and Grover managed to finish the quest. Some scenes were written particularly well. Some scenes were mysterious, while some were victorious. It was a humor-filled book. And some parts made me laugh or in rare scenes, it made me stifle tears. And no matter what the situation was, I was keen to turn the pages to read more. And lastly, I would recommend this book and series to a 9 to 12+ reader.

My rating out of five is: -*****

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