‘A love forever’- Poem by Sameeha Shakil 7D

Standing there alone,

in the rain that showered above.

With an umbrella holding in her hand

Cause there was no one else to love.

She craved for attention,

someone to show- love and care.

Someone who will always be with her

The chances, really rare.

And I truly want to be with her

To wipe that tear running,

Down her peachy cheeks

And tell her that, “one day I’ll be coming.”

But what can I do…?

Than watch you from above

All high up in the heavens, I’m that someone who will love-

You till our last breaths, which I already have took.

Wish I could turn back the time and take one another look.

I wish I told the feelings

that were really true.

Though you stand in front of my grave,

I am the only one, who will forever love you.