‘The Smile’- Poem by Arpita Pai 11F

Introducing yourself to someone can be daunting, but most people do it by giving a warm and welcoming smile to someone new, when meeting for the first time. But each smile has its own story and meaning. Through this poem, I have tried to showcase the difference between what a smile is known to be, and what it can actually mean for a person.  

The smile on my face

Is more than just added grace

It’s more than just a set of 32 pearls

More than something that can be conversed

The set is bright and white

Taken to be a trait for a sight

People look at it with such love

If only they knew what gave rise to the curve

If only people could see

The true depictions of emotions within me

The truth about my past and what I stand for in the future

Can all be derived from just one feature

The sadness of my failures

The escalation of my feelings

The actions of others

Led to my lips sealing

The layout of my lips

That only I can dissect

Some are wrecked 

Some I want to protect

Oh, how I wish my smile could project

The profound emotions within myself

It truly is a dream!

That one day, my smile can be taken to be more than just a beam.