How to choose a tax preparer for truckers

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Over the past several years, trucking companies have dealt with rapid and impactful changes. They bring with them new opportunities but also challenges, making understanding and managing finances to cut costs and maximize profits more crucial than ever. You need more than basic transportation bookkeeping services and tax services. A Trucking CPA analyzes your financial statements, uncovers insights, and helps you make financially informed decisions that keep your company on the road to success. Get the personalized accounting services you need by DHJJ, your CPA redefined. We offer a full suite of tax and accounting services, including federal and state income tax preparation and federal and state income tax analysis, planning, and structuring.

The heavy vehicle use tax has a filing season from July 1 through June 30. If you used your truck during any of these months, you’d have until the end of the following month to file and make your payment. You may submit a summary of your expenses using our online form or you may choose to include it in your monthly expense envelopes that you provide to us. Get meaningful advice from professionals who know your business inside and out.

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With the exception of fixed costs, overhead costs can almost always be reduced. It is our job to make sure that the numbers are correct, so you don’t have to risk costly financial mistakes. I like them because they reduce my paperwork truckers bookkeeping service and save my time, that’s helpful. There is no need to think about tax planning or analyzing, they do this for me. The annual taxable period begins on July 1 of the current year and ends on June 30 of the following year.

cpa trucking industry specialist near me

Preparers who are willing to e-file returns using paystubs in place of W-2s are in direct violation of IRS rules and regulations. As the largest and most experienced accounting and consulting firm in the country serving transportation companies, KSM understands what matters most to you. We are ready to help find solutions and keep your business moving in the right direction. Take the next step by completing this form or contact one of our transportation professionals. KSMTA provides executive-level guidance to deliver data-driven, technical advice and expertise that is transportation-specific. In addition to the 5 excellent points listed above, there are a few more qualities you need in a trucker tax preparer.

Financial Analysis and Reporting:

The job requires high level tax preparation skills, superior tax research and problem solving abilities, broad software knowledge, and excellent written and oral communication skills. We have a team approach to provide high quality client service for tax compliance, planning, financial statements, and general business consulting. We understand the unique challenges you face because we’ve been partnering with transportation and logistics companies nationwide for nearly fifty years. We offer comprehensive accounting and business advisory services to help you lap your competition and accelerate organizational growth.

  • After checking out Dennis Bridges and eTruckerTax VERY thoroughly, we are very happy to recommend them to you for all your tax needs, starting with this tax season.
  • If you’ve been using trucking software such as TruckingOffice, the process of filing Federal taxes will be much less frustrating and a lot more accurate.
  • The transportation industry has faced many challenges over the years and yet somehow keeps on trucking.
  • It is our job to make sure that the numbers are correct, so you don’t have to risk costly financial mistakes.
  • Our experts can also advise on estate and succession planning, transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and ESOP formation.
  • I like them because they reduce my paperwork and save my time, that’s helpful.
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