‘UAE-A Gem in the Middle East’-Poem by Kashf Hasan 6-F

Once when I was walking, I heard someone talking

They started talking to me asking about UAE

“How would you describe this nation?”

I simply smiled at their question.

Here I was born & learned to stand

“It’s my homeland”

With a 93% literacy rate

And a combination of seven Emirates

With leaders’ heart of gold

And stories that are still being told

With nature residing in different hearts

And harmony being the center part

Education going high on charts

It’s a good place to restart

UAE shines in the modern light

To follow a path for future so bright

History told with a beautiful voice

A pleasant place to just rejoice

With 200 nationalities all in one

and discrimination there is none

Nation to rule artificial intelligence soon

And surely reach the moon

A place filled with security and peace

Like it gives life a new lease

A country made safe for all

No matter if you are big or small

I am fortunate to be born in this very place

with a great childhood and a steady pace

Proud to call it my homeland

I Will never shy away to lend a hand.

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