Mathematics Poem by By Sameeha Shakil-7D

Mathematics symbols mc square

Mathematic equations everywhere!

When solving problems is so so hard

You can just, split them apart. !

Plus sign and subtracting is what we learn

So come solve problems, it’s your turn!

Learn me more and all is easy

Half of pizza fraction, so so cheesy.

Equations and others can be questioning

Trust me we’ve been there, they are quite uneasy…

Math keeps turning so much fun

Next isaac newton? Maybe you’re the one!!

Even Mayans started with a zero

And till now he’s a historical hero

Greek mathematicians started Pythagoreans

Used by Indians, Chinese , Koreans!

Everything around is made with maths

Be a math genius, it’s your chance!!

Study hard till you achieve!

Share your knowledge, when you teach!!

Numbers, symbols, letters we see

Solve your questions with a cup of tea

I promise you that it becomes easy.

Now I say with a warming heart

Hit the bulls eye, and don’t be apart

from your dreams and what you’ll be

Just try solving, and you will see!

The answer now relies in your hands

Solve the equation if you can

May it be of life or homework too

This poem now ends, next time will see you!