Article on Substance Abuse

During the period of teenage, we face a lot of physical and mental changes in our life. The teenage years are ones of change, learning, discovery, and for many experimentations. One of the major physical problem is addiction. Teenagers face anxiety and depression which leads them to taste drugs, alcohol, etc.

Every year thousands of teenagers suffer due to substance abuse because they are not happy with their lives and feel they can solve it by taking drugs.

Teenagers suffer various mental health issues, and they know that they should not fall a prey so these things but with no ray of hope, they surrender to it. There are various causes that to lead to this such as exam pressure, anxiety, body shaming, etc.

The following points are a gist of why we are not able to come out of drugs:

· Teenagers don’t have control on themselves.

· Most drugs affect the brain.

· When someone takes a drug, they first feel “high.”

· After taking drugs, your moods and actions change

There are many people who have overcome addiction by seeking appropriate medical help and going to rehab centres.

The following points are some of the motivating factors that have helped people come out of addiction:

· TALKING TO OTHERS AND REDISCOVERING HAPPINESS INSIDE YOU- Love and care from your friends and family is definitely one of the main key to recovery.

· SEEKING APPROPRIATE ADVICE makes you feel better as it prevents you from taking drugs again.

· REDISCOVER your talent and move towards your goal.

We as a society should move towards the betterment of future. A popular quote says “ SOMETIMES YOU CAN ONLY FIND HEAVEN BY BACKING AWAY FROM HELL”

Every day is a second chance.