An Insightful Run

I am an athlete, who plays cricket and enjoys the sport with enthusiasm. However, am a reluctant runner. A person who attempts to escape pre warmup jogs. This is me. The destiny had its servings ready for me. I was convinced out of choice by my parents to participate in a 10k run organized by Sharjah Buhaira Striders “The 3 Emirates Run”. The motive was genuine, “fun run”, an idea distant to my understanding.

No matter how hard I tried to repulse, I was roped more into it. We woke up to alarm on the D Day, slipped into our track pants and off we drove to join the group at the flag Island.

The group had just one child, that’s me. I tried to gain attention with little limp in my legs, wondering I might get discounts on run. The reverse happened, and I was bombarded with words of encouragement and morale-boosting that compelled me to forget my pain and show strength and energy.

The race started with vigour. The power of unity and togetherness resonated with the cohorts. We ran on turfs, roads, bridges and everywhere effortlessly. The intermittent water stations kept us hydrated and full of supplements like dates and fruits.

The journey looked easy with no sign of anxiety or complaints. My parents were always by my side to appease me and keep my spirits high. However, lessons cannot be learnt without a cry. After we touched the second water station, which covered 7.5 k of our travel, I started feeling lethargic. The sun had started overpowering my energy. I languished and could not run anymore. The will power inside me wanted to complete it, but my tiredness conquered.

I decided to give rest to my overthinking mind. I spoke to it with calmness to be resilient. ‘I want to do it and cannot stop’. The words started echoing and my legs were ready to sing the music.

I covered the last lap and reached the Ajman Beach Hotel, overjoyed to receive the medal of not being a number 1 racer, but a victory over my own laziness. I realised running is fun, if done with the right temperament.

We had a delectable breakfast, my favourite South Indian and cupcakes. I was tired but extremely happy and chirping with full might the narrative to my family over phone.

It’s a lesson never say no to unknown fears…your encounter with same will help to overcome them.