Is it that hard to manifest the NEEDED? , by Tanaya Sharma, 12-B

Ages ago, people ago, did we see everyone the same? de facto by now, 

do we see everyone as same?

Or it was and is all just a play  

Of exaggerated talks, cruel mindsets, immoral acts and utter shame? 

At the end, we are just a parallel society  

With a little sparkle of different opinions, looks and preferences that will prolong! 

But then to assume the prerogative 

 To convert these jots of differences to reasons of conflict is at most wrong. 

In a garden, lies a cluster full of serenity, there white daisies.  

Yet there also lies a pack of lilacs being beguiling. 

They both being contrasting still spread beauty together 

 So, is it too hard to apply this to our small world with just peaceful thinking! 

Oh! How lovely it would be to see two types of beings of complete divergent backgrounds, 

 Supporting each other with beauty! 

That would be the utopian society we were ought to make from years so far,  

But we were somehow running away from that unsung duty. 

Is it too hard to perform something that was mean to be all this time, that just to treat and see all the same, is it? 

It is finally the best if we just forget all of our past, remove the conventional, appreciate each other and celebrate diversity, innit? 

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