My Life on Earth

My life on Earth was very nice,

I just could make the best out of my eyes,

I could see out of my window, the Earth,

And remember all its worth.


You know why? Because I am still stuck in space,

Around the Earth was my desperate gaze,

My second mission was a fail,

What blew me out wasn’t a gale.


My crew managed the escapade,

I was tangled in the mess I made,

It was my – all my mistake,

Oh! Don’t fear or hesitate.


I still have a lot of Oxygen and food,

But to leave you all doesn’t feel so good,

Around me was the stars and the sun far away,

I thought, thought, thought and lay…


Of just and only getting out of here,

But I forgot how to operate this gear,

I don’t think I would be back any more,

With me so tensed and sore…


Thought of every way I could,

But there was no way I would,

Oh wait! I couldn’t believe my sight,

Two spacecrafts coming with full might,


They rescued me and went back to Earth,

Now I got back all my worth

With all this happiness and delight,

My dear family was my next sight,


This was the best day of my days,

And the biggest smile on my face!

Mehreen Saaliha