Those who mind don’t matter, Those who matter don’t mind

This quote is surely one of a kind

It inspires me not to care

Try and stop me if you dare

People might discourage you, people might laugh

But don’t give up, though it might be tough

Giving up might seem a much easier way

But working hard is better, that you will understand one day

Never lose hope, as there is an answer for everything

Everyone faces problems, from the servant to the king

You might feel bad, when people laugh at you

And not everyone supports you, but only a few

You might be in despair, you might think all the doors are closed

But one might just open, who knows

Never quit your work, always remain inspired

Work hard towards everything, you have ever desired

Your time might have not yet come, but it will come soon

And then success will be granted,as a boon

-Sheryll Garg,8-C