Recall the worst time of your life. Now try to remember that one person who stood by you in this hour of crisis. It could either be a parent, sibling ,or a close friend. Chances are, it was the latter. Your friend was there for you, comforting, reassuring, and supporting. That’s what true friends are all about. They are the family we choose. True friendship is a faithful relationship between two or more people living anywhere in the world. It is the most precious gift of life. It brings  color to our lives.

 You must have heard the terms ‘friends”, “good friends”, and “true friends”.. There’s a huge difference between these terms . They may all sound the same but they’re not; just because you meet someone often doesn’t mean they are a true friend. True Friends trust and support each other selflessly. They have a sense of equity in their mind and are always there to help each other.

We all need someone special in our life to share our feelings (happy or sad) with. Someone who makes us smile when we are sad. A true friend is that “someone”. In the company of these friends we feel motivated; times of distress pass by very quickly.  Real friendship is build upon trust, honesty, and truthfulness. This is the definition of true friendship.