The Lazy People

The Allerton family was quite well known for their laziness. Even though they were filthy rich, people hated them all, except for the head of the family, Charles Allerton. He was a 65 year old man whose hard work was the only source of income for the family but he was out of town most of the time. One day, after supper, Grandma, Mr. and Mrs. Allerton were watching TV, one of the kids was reading comics while the other was busy polishing her nails. Then, suddenly, the sound of a glass fissure breaking was heard. “What was that!” said Mr. Allerton “Probably just the cat, it’s okay, we’ll clean up after this show” and after that, the issue was forgotten. This gave the robbers a chance to break in.”Hey, you guys know what to do right? Take the money and the rest of the good stuff and flee. No one should suspect a thing”. However, while they were at it, they were not very quiet. Clink! “Damn it!” “Quick! Everyone hide!”. “Okay, I think something’s not right. Mom, can you check it out?” as soon as Mr. Allerton said this, Grandma Allerton gave him a hard glare. If only looks could kill, Mr. Allerton would be dead! “Telling your old mother to move just so you can watch this program? How could you!” “Geez! Okay! I’ll just ask…..” right before he could finish, Grandma interjected. “Your wife huh? Cause she has no right to watch TV?” “Okay! Forget it! It’s probably just the cat gone mad. Let’s just watch the show now.” Meanwhile, the kids were also occupied with their fighting on who should go. No one realized that they were actually in grave danger. “But sis! I’m reading the best part of this comic book right now! Can’t you go and check?” “CAN’T YOU SEE IM BUSY? Besides, I’m too comfortable to move right now.” As soon as she said this, the robbers barged in through the door. “Hold it right there! If you even think of screaming, she’s dead!” Before she could even blink, she was restrained by a bunch of armed men, and her brother hadn’t even bothered to look up yet! “Yeah yeah, Dad I’m not in the mood right now, so please.” He said, without realizing that there were a bunch of armed men in the room, with his sister held captive. “Boss, are they serious? They’re even lazier than my Nan on a weekend!” “Tell me where the safe key is! Now!” “Please don’t hurt me! It’s on the shelf!” “Huh, thanks little girl, your family is really lazy by the way.” Then they looted the entire house, not leaving a single penny or valuable object. “And you’ll be joining our little syndicate” “But boss! Why her? She’s a little girl, she’s useless, just like her family.” “Yeah, I know, But we need all the help we can get” “No! Someone please help!” She cried, but her family was too lazy. “Boss, check this out, they were so lazy, they didn’t even lock the door! It’s open, we could have just come from here.” Only by the end of the night did they realize that they just lost all their money, valuables and their daughter, just because THEY WERE TOO LAZY!

By Alina Khan, 8-C