The Internal Process Of Writing High School Exams:

Being a high school student can require extra amount of hard work and determination towards the studies. This ultimately builds up  pressure and stress. However, students find time to enjoy, hangout and relax within their ongoing schedule. Final exams are always blamed as a stress builder. This might not always be true. One can always manage their time to follow their passion. “If there is a will, there is a way “ rightly justifies this situation. But even then, we are unable to balance out our daily routine with the tight schedule which we build.

Recently, My exams got over. Studying for exams since the past 4 months has stripped me  bare without any idea of how to live lively again. I contemplated a lot during this period. Those moments where I took a break, the thoughts of wandering and ‘taking an around the world tour’ took over me. I was a pragmatist and with this ability I was able to come back to my reality. Sharing those thoughts with my friends, I became aware of the fact that  I wasn’t alone. Some of them even limited themselves to the point of leaving all their pleasures behind and focusing on one thing “BOARDS”. The only word that came out of a high school student studying in an Indian school. Not only were the students under pressure by the studies but  were constantly pushed by their parents , teachers and relatives. No matter the hard work and effort one applied one would still feel incomplete and the saying “It’s not enough” constantly affected the well being of the child. Reading many articles related to this, only one solution was provided ‘Exercise’. Some of them understood the importance, some of them didn’t bother or some of them felt it was fruitless. I happened to belong to the category of ‘It’s a Time Waste’. Ever experienced the feeling of just waiting for the cars to pass by so that you could cross the road? That was exactly what I felt. My exams were cars and I a pedestrian growing tired of the n number of cars that rode by. I stopped being aware of what earth shattering events took place or what day it was. I kept track of my exams by dates and by the knowledge whether it was tomorrow or the day after. My mind was pushed to limits of feeling grief and loneliness even though I knew I wasn’t the only one encountering this. I am a person full of spirit and cheer. My bottle of inner shine and sparkle ran out. Now, the only thing left behind was the emptiness. Finally, facing and getting over with my exams. I couldn’t wait to be filled with laughter and joy. I counted on my summer vacations to return me back to who I was.


Even though my fire returned, a new feeling was added to the list of ‘Life’. With all this going on in my head, My body ached for sleep, food and rest. Being an explorer, the words  ‘food’ and ‘rest’ were disappeared from my dictionary. Sleep is something I required but never wanted it. I traveled to another part of the world, had fun, felt the joy of just being there reverberating through me. But tiredness had caught up on me. After coming back from my week long trip. I couldn’t move. My legs felt they were leaden points.  They needed rest and relaxation which I was now willing to provide. After, experiencing the whole process of exams , I realized how right those articles were. Never had I felt so wrong.


By Nabihah Babar 


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