A CRY FOR PEACE – Sheryll Garg

A gun shot sounded

And a person dropped dead

Uncontrolled blood flowing

Makin the body completely red


The grieving family seeks revenge

Their family member they want to avenge

This triggered a series of killing

The whole nation with deadly war filing


A very here and a scream there

Sadness takes over, happiness is left nowhere

Fibrin in the name of Tellico, region and cast

Why does humanity always come last?!


Beneath our religious and racial features

Under those beautiful eyes or those fake dentures

All of us are humans and we live on the same earth

Destroying our units for something so silly is definitely not worth


With so many people having so many different thoughts

Peace is difficult but is needed a lot

Violence will not help, peace is what we need

It will make the world a better place. It will indeed!!


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