Oh the hotness,

We need coldness,

It’s unmistakable

Cause it’s SUMMER.


Oh the leaves,

In many heaps

It’s unmistakable

Cause it’s AUTUMN.


Oh the coldness,

Has a lot of harshness,

It’s unmistakable

Cause it’s WINTER.


Oh the breeze,

Sends away the freeze,

Is unmistakable

Cause it’s SPRING.


Due to peace

All the seas

Do quite remain calm!


But now the monsters came,

So did giant factories,

Who only is driven by greed

But forgetting their good deeds.


Now the earth is facing trouble,

Due to all this rumble,

Now I can’t figure it out

Whether it is summer, spring and fall.


Due to global warming,

Affected was the farming,

Now it is upto us

To change our future

Before we don’t get to see it at all

Because of no rain fall.