Against the clockwork of creation – Rhema, Grade 8

In the beginning of creation, when the Earth was naked

Barren and wounded of rejection

She still silently queued in orbit with no objection

Third in place, yet content with her mission

Though some were more colossal and massive than her,

With their strength as their only pride and cruelty, their

middle name like a lion to an ant by its side

Though they spat at her face for her puny stature and

highlighted her flaws

An uproar was not her weapon nor spiting words of venom

her defence,

But was as subtle as a dove, yet as committed as a soldier

So soon enough her days of toil and tear were now days of

jubilation as she was crowned to be the mother for many, she

who was scorned , now rewarded,

she was dressed in a glorious garment bound with streams of

golden glare, flowers of all beautiful colours, fragrances

adorned her land , from meticulous ants to the mighty elephants

from caterpillars transformed to graceful butterflies,

from the hideous laugh of the hyenas to the chopping teeth of

the crocodiles, all was in orbit

Each one was dependent on the other like pedals to a bicycle

The creatures titled as humans were her most

treasured possession,

all the splendour of her kingdom was theirs,

from the very element that gives them life to the extent of the

slaughtering of trees of majesty for their need,

she has buried apacific of riches and has sacrificed the innocent lives of her subjects for their brutal sport,

if a limping deer was to be nursed ,

the argument would stretch if it was a perfect target to fire a bullet,

or if lush green meadows are dried and weathered from the

roots they would claim fora cemetery

To dye each strand of hair in different gradient of colour can be done

Yet the anguish cries of people who don’t

have a roof on their heads fall on deaf ears,

To plan schedules and diets for healthy living is a necessity

Yet in the real world, violence and pride are their main course

Something that never diminishes in quantity

This tears her heart and she is again bound in chains,

For man has volunteered to reverse time, transforming the Earth barren and arid

Devouring her love for legal paper and metal

Spilling violence on good soil giving birth to seeds of

destruction which has been rooted in

many hearts,

borne rotten fruit and have decayed the innocent lives of many.

This stench cannot be tolerated anymore,

So, we need to get back into our orbit

And revolve around peace and unity

For boast of strength has brought us here

Let us not continue is our lives of fear

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