Do you think it’s worth?- Rishabh Mathur

Thousands die one after another

Can Taking one drug lead to such a blunder?

Do u think it’s worth, taking in some more?

Or do you want to live? Healthy to the core           


Once taken in, it rarely comes out

It changes youentirely,as if you were a needy

Always craving for more and alittle more.

Inhaling it just thrice reduces few minutes of your life

Fighting against life, do you think that’s right?


Time is precious. It never comes back

Think about your family, the supporters of your life

Could you do it then? Would you do it now?

When did this start? When can this stop?


Do you think it’s worth? Taking in some more?

Or do u want to live? Healthy to the core


Let us go left, let us go right

Let us find those who have lost their sight

Scream it out, shout it loud

Try to help those who have taken the wrong bout


This is a life, given only once

Fill it with purpose, not with drugs

Live to the fullest, with harmony and love

This can only happen if we say no to drugs