BELIEVE – Saraswathi S. Iyer

“Did I or not?” Is what keeps me up all night,

With all these problems that I don’t know to fight

“Should I or not?” circulates my head all day long,

What makes me fear is, ‘What if I am wrong?’


“Can I or not?” is the reason for my fear,

And It rapidly increases when exams are near

If I believe in myself, I can and will do it,

“Should I?” is all that keeps back my wit


If I trust myself, to all the mocking faces I will prove,

That persistence can make mountains move!

Because I am strong and in myself, I do believe,

If I quit my goals it’s myself who I deceive


I am strong and in myself, I do believe,

I’ll face all my fears with no grieve

No Pain, No Gain is strongly true,

For it’s you who decides, ‘Who are You?’

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