Born Again – Khushi Gupta

Comfortable,within her own

Hands locked, legs in a spin

Seated calmly amongst a storm of thoughts-

She had everything in her head,

The whites, the black and the grey dots

She had given life a chance again

It gave her hope and then betrayal

Reminding her of her broken dreams

Some buried memories, some haunting the heart

One day it visited her again

To demean her, to reduce her strength

To make her weak again.


Now, she thought her dreams were a curse

They were never fulfilled


She didn’t realize that nobody is trash

None of us are crazy.

Everyone is damaged

Most are distracted

Everybody needs healing

Not everyone is aware of what/how to heal

Nobody has all the answers.

My mom always tells me-

When thinking about life remember two things:

No amount of sadness can change the past and

No amount of guilt can change the future

So be patient

Be compassionate

Be open to love

Be the light

Be hopeful.


At last there was some enlightenment

She tried again and decided to work very hard

Realized nobody but herself had all the answers.


She dropped the fear of being judged

Possibility of being questioned

The chance of being mistaken


Finally, she got the courage disinter her dream

Made love the stimulus that made her unstoppable


She had now become the light in the darkness

A fighter with an armor

Conquering each passing day

Then she understood……..


Her dreams are a curse

Cause they never let her sleep

Or maybe it was her mind- always so hopeful and refused to let her give up

Until it found its visual in the subconscious.

So long until it became a reality in time

She was foolish to leave her hope aside

Yet, she couldn’t help but

Continued as a blind fool destined to believe


Now her heart was truly happy with what she had

So with a purpose in her mind she decided to spread a message all over

She said-

yes, this is life .

we all live

At the same time

But different phases,

Just like reading the same book

But different pages

Yet if, one could slow down

And the other speedens pace,

Then someday maybe

You never know

We could be together

On the same page

Experiencing the same

Vivid interpretations

Wider perspectives.


Then, we would read

We would walk

We would talk

Creating hope


She was truly born all over again.