The Question – Raunak Raghavan

Before the merciless strike of the axe,

There is one question we must ask,


Do we wound one that gives?

Then why, we must ask

Do we hurt every nature’s being that lives?


Do we carelessly damage a loved one?

Then why, we must ask

Do we discard nature’s children once their course is done?


Do we turn a blind eye to a dear one’s screams and tears?

Then why, we must ask

Are we oblivious to nature’s warnings, even as its gems disappear?


Do we stab a brother for our need?

Then why, we must ask

Do we slaughter Mother Nature’s treasures, simply for our greed?


Let’s join together, hand in hand

Let’s take a pledge to protect our home and take a stand

To reserve the beauty and wealth of our lands.

Something must be done quick,

Before the matter is out of our hands.



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