I am really astounded by the very word hope

Literally giving lot of scope

Be it to the entire humanity

Or diversified anecdotal of various eternities

Where are we moving?

Where is justice

It is  only love with prejudice






People talk in length about women freedom

But only practised seldom

Women are set ablaze

For no mistake of them they are in a maze

Anger mounts like sea in heart

But inactive soul submerges it with zest


Where is hope in life?

It is full of jibe

Social media makes us narcissists.

While Screen time atrophies the brain.

People become gaming addicts

Rather than relishing nature’s verdicts


What are we aiming at?

Robotics life, mechanised heart?

Let us connect humanity

Move towards better sovereignty

Hopes can be ploughed and sowed

But can’t be enforced

Unless it is sowed deep in mind





Let us relish this year of tolerance

Rather travelling in a life of flamboyance

Let peace be the guide to our life

Let our mind eradicate hatredness from our life

We shall practice peace and harmony

And move together towards the enchanting harmony of Humanity