An Encounter with the Unknown -Krish Gupta, 8J

An Encounter with the Unknown 

This story dates back to the year 1985  when a man named Dr. Louis Clive had an encounter with the unknown. He was a fine young man who was very dedicated to his job as a doctor.  One fine evening after a long tiring day of work, Dr Louis was relaxing and drinking  tea. Remembering the days  when he was in college, “Ah! Those were the days,” he said to himself as he was remembering the mysterious encounter that happened in his college, a person who despised him had once fallen into spiritual darkness and never returned. “We would never know what really happened.  I guess jealousy gets the  best of them sometimes” he said. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Dr Louis found it strange because he was not  expecting anyone.  He opened the door and saw an envelope lying on the ground. “Couldn’t have the mailman just left the letter in the mailbox,” he complained. He went back to his comfort  zone and just left the letter on the center table. The next day when he went to the center table to get the letter he was left stunned. The letter was missing , he began to look around in his house but no luck. While he was about to leave for work his telephone rang.  He picked it up . A strange unfamiliar voice responded, “You may have proven your success to many people but let’s  find out what you really are when matters grow really intense , courtesy of the Unknown ” and then the line was cut. Confused Dr Louis began thinking of what to do in this situation. He decided to simply ignore this whole mater and go to work. Though there was still a bit of curiosity in his mind about who that person was , which matters were going to grow intense and why. In the evening while he was on his way home he decided to stop at the police station and report this issue, as he thought that it would be the best thing to do. He approached Mr. Joseph who was an inspector and an old time friend of his. Dr. Louis told him the whole story. “Probably just a myth or a little prank ,you might have just misplaced the letter”. But Dr Louis knew that it wasn’t a prank and he knew that something had to be done. With disappointment in his heart, Dr Louis  left the police station and returned home. Dark clouds scattered over the sky and with a horrifying echo, through dim labyrinths  Dr Louis  saw a figure awaiting his arrival  with an envelope in his hand and he then realized who it was —An old enemy from college…..

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