Hope Through Human Connections – Suzane K Mathews

In a world of contrasts, one would say –

“Hope” a word though small in size, is full and complete in meaning.

Humanity though,extended in meaning to encompass evermore.

Today seems in significance, null and void.


For the tragedy is that currently, HUMANITY has lost all hope in itself.

Like an orphan, bereft of its parents, it whimpers, groans and is scarcely heard.


Creativity, innovation and technological connectivity abounds in the world all around

Yet it is scarce in the world we see around.

Mankind has realized that the once insolvent materialism is completely solvent today,

Recessions, upheavals and overturns, have proved beyond doubt,

That money is merely a protection, never a basis for a secure future in any way.


In brief, the truth of the matter is,Materialism is futile,but Hope is real,

To convert abstract hope then, into tangible hope, is the need of the hour.


Likewise,humanity as humans in unity, we need to understand that

Hope can be created within us if and when, we

Create the means to refine our thoughts and guide our hearts.


Today, we have failed to understand that by following our heart

we have allowed, permitted, granted treachery the access to guide us

whereas rational and sound thinking can help us to take decisive actions

Decisions in life, which we can feel responsible and accountable for

Accountability which in turn fills in every human,

A desire to continue, strive and succeed

Which, like the sweet, soft blossoming fragrance of the sweet-smelling flower,

which when in full bloom emits a sweet wonderment for all the world to enjoy.

Similarly, accountability can instill in us all, a sweet fragrance, a hope in life,

A hope which without doubt can create new ways of life,

new beginnings and new hope for all of mankind.


Creating hope means creating a new outlook to life

Connecting humanity means stronger communities

Those which start thinking in-depth about peace and prosperity

– physically, materially, culturally,

Rather than just prosperity -the façade, impression of living the best possible lifestyle

For being financially secured does not mean you have hope –

It merely means that you a numbered bank statement


Therefore, influencing humanity to think

that by being financially and materially stable – You are happy

must be considered a lie.

instead, lets put our heart and soul, every earnest effort possible

into creating real hope by connecting humanity, living life the way it is meant to be

-as a connected humanity.


Well, Humanity hasn’t lost it all-

As a connected humanity, Justice would never forget our call

For We are the human community – never forget us all,

Remember to check on us – before it’s too long!

As we live traumatized by injustice and failing hope all around!

Let’s look forward to the dawn of a new day- a new way of life-

a well- connected human race, living life the true humanitarian way.

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