The ‘Poetic Heart’ Winner: -“Our World” by Shrey Kohli

Every night I dream of unceasing meadows and sparkling streams,

But the world that I wake up to may not be as good as it seems.

The streams now carry our waste and the meadows are anything but green.

We always talk of peace but the world today is not so serene.


Leaders of this world keep shouting advice,

As they try to build their imaginary paradise.

wars have always brought destruction,

no matter how much we walk the path of resurrection.

War doesn’t only mean picking up the gun,

It includes harm to anything under the sun.

From burning rainforests to barren lands,

From blood laden territories to flooding sands.

We like atlas bear all the responsibility for the coming future,

For our actions have resulted in a giant rupture.

As human kind tried to fulfill its ambitious pursuit,

The world kept weeping and saying ‘et tu brute’.


We are heading towards impending doom

A dark future ahead of us may loom.

The earth like a blank piece of paper, we just tore,

All I am saying is that ‘our world isn’t the same anymore’, ‘our world isn’t the same anymore’.

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