Men vie where borders lie

Among the homogenous ranks

Thirst for power reigns supreme

For they seem the only lives

Pitted against for honor

In ways least honorable


The tongue is where the mind lies

And anarchy is among the able

Deafening voices of hate

Silence cries for help

Words of equality are written in fine sand

And injustice etched in stone


Then what of trees and beasts

Priceless, yet destroyed at a price

Paid by the innocent

And reaped by the elite

No thirst quenched by the rising seas

But greed excused by our rising number


Hence proclaim to the oppressor

That sly diplomacy cannot mend

Relations made fragile

That ignorance cannot extinguish

The flame of knowledge

And victory cannot piece destroyed lives


For all conflict left aside

We are but a single brotherhood

We must live on the very same earth

Giving it what we take

And giving ourselves what has eluded us

Of peace, equality and justice

That is all scribed in the law of the land.