My Mistress of Miracles -Divyasree Sureshbabu

I will always protect you mom

Exactly how you protect me from life’s storm

In the sea of life, you are my unsinkable boat

When it rains cats and dogs, you are my raincoat


Mom, you’re my ultimate power

In my life, you are my ever blooming flower

Behind the success of every man

Stands with pride every woman

For every father, the crown is his daughter

For every child, the queen is the mother


Every mother wears an invisible crown

Of sacrifice, hard work and determination

Day and night she toils around

She is God’s most precious creation


Mom my mistress of miracles

I will protect you from the sprawling tentacles

Of breast cancer that threatens all women

Mom, deep in my heart you are woven

Please do the five minute self examination

The most important thing is early detection

It won’t take an instant

Self examination increases survival rates up to ninety eight percent


Mom, I will never let cancer steal you

In this world, people like you are so few

Mom, without you I cannot imagine living

Mom, for me you are everything

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