The Final Call – Tushar Tyagi

With diversity at its peak,

And humanity approaching a leak,

Its time that we begin to scream,

Before we end up abandoning our dream;


In which everyone above them has a roof,

And no one needs a jacket which is bulletproof,

Where everyone would wake up with a smile,

Only to learn and walk ahead at least a single mile;


We need to get together,

If we seek to survive forever,

It’s high time we think of those high tides,

Before they end up covering up your land under the mighty ocean;

It’s the voice of that beast,

Whom we all have been treating like a feast;


We better hurry up,

In order to stay away from the end,

We better fix up the dents,

Before we end up with a big bend,

We better show some responsibility,

Well before we vanish our own authority;

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