The Uncertain Inevitability – Rohit V. Srinivasan

Unable to recognize what lied before my eyes,

All I heard was cussing, screaming, and bursts of cries.

It seemed like a completely new world,

Yet it somewhat resembled that, of my old.

Could this truly be the world I used to know?


I started my journey to the nearest town,

With innumerable stretches of barren land, everyone could but frown.

As I approached near, the masses came to vision.

Divided into rich and poor, it reeked of social division.

Could these truly be the people I used to know?


Giant LED screens advertised on the abundant skyscrapers,

The ‘Rat Race’ for money, had grown as if it were rising vapours.

The giant canal which used to flourish here was no longer pleasant,

Rather, it was polluted and filled with trash, which was a depressant.

Could this truly be the city I used to know?


I looked above; the sky appeared like a rotten tomato.

I looked around; there wasn’t a single flower on any meadow.

I bent down; the earthly smell of the soil had now become putrid.

I turned around; the condition of the present now became lucid.

Could this truly be the world I used to know?


I asked a gentleman to tell the time,

He replied, “Child, it is the year 3049

How could I have gone so far into the future?

How I wish things could have changed sooner.

Could this truly be the Earth I used to know?


As I stared into the abyss, with a look of horror,

That wise gentleman understood, and spoke words of honor.

.”To conserve the environment, all must volunteer,

Sustainability will hence come on its own, do not fear,

You must ensure that this condition, we shall not come to see.”


The future to come accommodates a lot of changeability,

It is an uncertain inevitability.

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