F Word – Rimsha Zaidi

I go to buy clothes
and select them,
not by the choice of it
but the size of it.

My cousins started calling me
fatso and fatty
instead of sweetie or cutie.

My relatives started sending me
weight loss products and remedies
instead of normal messages
and goodies.

I entered my home in India
expecting a good warm welcome
instead I was welcomed with an
intense weight loss drink.

My mentor’s used to call me
to appreciate me but now they
tell me to shape my body.

I used to feel loved and wanted
but now I feel unwanted and humiliated.

But recently my sister made me realize
it’ not us who are ugly but they who criticize.

It is not us who are not being ourselves
but they who are unhappy with their selves.

It is not us who are being told to shape our body’s
but them who shame our bodies.

It not us who are  being  oppressed by the society
but them who are being the oppressive society.

It is high time we realize that it is better to hug a teddy
rather than hugging a Barbie.

But still this word taunts me, kills me everyday, it still haunts me.
This word is nothing but just a
three letter word: F-A-T